LEEP stands for

Lodgers’ E-learning Extension Program.

external image leap.jpg

Berwick Lodge Students are often referred to as “Lodgers” as it distinguishes the Berwick Lodge students from the students at the many other Berwick schools.
LEEP (though spelt differently) implies that we are taking giant steps and I believe we will be leaping into the world of web 2.0 and all that it offers especially for Global connectivity and communication.
LEEP has three main goals for the students:
  1. To provide an enrichment program, which complements the classroom curriculum for highly able or Gifted students. These students grasp concepts easily, finish their work quickly and produce work of a very high standard.
  2. To become leaders in their classroom in ICT by modelling possible ICT activities and supporting their peers to participate in similar activities. The ICT activities will involve using web 2.0 tools, multimedia, and the Internet to establish Global links and collaboration. The students in LEEP will be at the cutting edge of ICT for Berwick Lodge and by teaching others what they have learnt they will better understand the lessons themselves.
  3. To be able to use ICT to enhance their learning in all areas of the curriculum. ICT will provide these students with the means to personalise their learning, by providing access to information and experts whenever, and wherever
The students who participate in the program have lessons in advanced ICT skills and are supported to develop the social and interpersonal skills necessary for leadership and peer mentoring. They are expected to model exceptional behaviour and ethical use of the computers and ICT equipment. The students have been nominated by their teachers as potential leaders and have excellent results in their previous reports and tests. It is important that they maintain these academic and behaviour standards.

2010 is the second year of the program and it is gathering momentum as the students develop confidence and have experience in the role. Equally teachers are becoming more comfortable and adept at utilizing the ICT student experts in their room.

  • LEEPERS help with blogging, multimedia, web 2.0 tools such as VoiceThread and more. At times older LEEPERS are invited to the younger grades to help in the ICT room.
  • Teachers use a variety of methods to take advantage of the students ICT skills.
  • LEEP lessons are linked to the Inquiry units and Through Lines in the school and the LEEPERS are given a chance to develop skills ahead of their class.